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Web Site Promotion – The Story of the Two Woodcutters

Here is a story that I’ve used to guide my life for quite some time.  I heard the story of the woodcutters a long time ago, but it stuck with me over the years.

There were two woodcutters who challenged each other to a chopping contest.  Whoever could chop the most wood from sunrise to sunset would be the winner.  One of the wood cutters was built like a NFL tackle, and looked like he could probably break the logs apart with his bare hands.  The other woodcutter was tall, but he was lanky, and lacked the muscle of the larger man.  The big woodcutter thought that he had this contest in the bag, because his opponent was so scrawny.

The men began at sunrise and both chopped wood with great fury.  Every so often, the big woodcutter could see his opponent sit down.  Since this happened every couple hours, whenever the the skinny man sat down, the large man smiled, and said to himself, “yeah, I’ve got him”.  This went on for the entire day.  

The large man didn’t even stop chopping wood to wipe the sweat from his forehead.  He never remembered working so hard in his entire life, and was certain that he had won the contest by a wide margin.  He could hardly wait to claim victory at the end of the day.

At sunset, a crowd of people gathered to see the results of the contest.  They looked at the pile the big woodcutter had chopped and the crowd cheered, because it was indeed an impressive pile of wood. Then everyone went to check the pile of wood the skinny woodcutter had chopped.  To everyone’s surprise, especially the big woodcutter, the skinny man’s pile was clearly larger than the pile the big man had chopped.

The big man could not believe his eyes, and said foul play must have been involved because he had not stopped working for a moment.  He felt he had worked much harder than the other man, since the skinny man had frequently taken time to rest.  

The skinny man raised his hand to explain to the big man, and this is what he said.  “You thought that I was sitting down to take a rest, but because my back was to you, you couldn’t see what I was doing.  I only sat down to sharpen my axe.”

What is the point of this story? I think it is that we must learn to always keep our tools sharp. Whether it is our technical skills, our people skills, our skills as a parent, a mentor, or as a friend.  Sometimes we forget that in life, our full value as a human being can be revealed through something as simple as being a good friend.  

The burly woodcutter in the story is like the myriad of entrepreneurs that have their nose to the grindstone, trying to do a hundred different things they believe it takes to market on the Internet every day.  The goal of any successful Internet Entrepreneur is to find the best, ie., the “sharpest” tools possible to work smarter, and not harder.   I feel very fortunate to have found outstanding mentors and a number of excellent tools in my Internet Marketing Tool Box.

I like the skinny fellow in this story, because he didn’t care what anyone said, he just had a quiet confidence in what he was doing, and knew clearly that he was using a sharper tool than his competitor.  At the end of the day it is the sum of what we can accomplish that will set us apart.

This is exactly what goes on in companies who have provided superior marketing tools to their customers.  The is no single tool, that will accomplish a successful online promotion.  Many individual tools are necessary in the Internet Marketer’s tool box, and sometimes it seems like a whole shed full are necessary.  I feel very fortunate whenever I find another “sharp tool” to add to my Internet Marketing tool box.

The way I see the Internet these days, from my somewhat limited experience, it is similar to a “gold rush” mentality.  There are only a handful of savvy marketers on the Internet, and sometimes is seems that too often instant success is promised to customers.  It seems like every day there is a new  Internet “guru”, that is now living on a remote sunny beach, making money 24 hours a day without having to lift a finger, since he discovered the “secret” of Internet Marketing. 

Any legitimate Internet marketer has to be careful not to fuel the false hopes of those who believe that Internet success depends on a magic push-button formula.  Rather than an instant recipe, good Internet marketing depends on experience and understanding of the particular industry, product, or service that is to be promoted.  It is also essential to have a well developed suite of off-the-shelf, and custom tools in order to deliver effective search engine placement results.

When the general public becomes more knowledgeable about the essential elements of online promotion, the lure of the “gold rush” on the Internet will fade.  It will be replaced with the quiet confidence of the skinny woodcutter who can go about his business, using the very best education, skills, and tools available to produce superior search engine placement results.

Failure in Home Based Business – Causes

Starting a home based business sounds easy enough right? Just start the business, and you are on your way to making money from home. The sad fact of the matter is that over 95% of these entrepreneurs fail to make money and quit their network marketing or MLM business. That still leaves around 5% of people to succeed, you can be in that group if you are prepared to take action, and stick with it.Here are 3 points you that cause many online marketers to fail in their network marketing or MLM business.You don’t treat our home based opportunity like a home based business.Many people tend to treat their new opportunity as a hobby, and in turn it repays them as a hobby would, not very well. If you want to really succeed in network marketing or MLM you need to treat your opportunity like a business and you will be rewarded by a business, that you run.You don’t continue your business for a long enough time.All businesses take time to create, and grow. The longer you are in business, the more customers, traffic and money you will make. The longer you are in business the more skills you will develop and be able to utilise. Many people are results driven and the lack of results often is enough for them to quit, you need to be driven by your WHY. How devastating would it be if your shut your doors just before you found out you were about to sponsor a great rep or business associate?You spend too much time with people with a negative mindset.If you spend enough time with a person with a positive mindset, you will start to have a positive mindset. Enough time with negative people, you will start to think negative. If you socialise with people who continuously tell you that your home based business will fail, then you will start to believe that it will fail. These people can be anyone even your family and close friends, this doesn’t mean to say to ignore your family and friends, but to ignore all of the comments about your ‘failing’ home business.Stay focused and never let someone steal your dreams!There are other things that contribute to failure in home based business but this is a good list to get you started on knowing what to avoid.

Home Based Business – Opportunities For Creating Wealth & Freedom From Home

Our current day economy and record high unemployment rate has really driven more and more people to look into alternative means for creating extra income and financial security for their families. The home based business is on the rise and growing faster than ever before. The home based business has really been un-dented by whats going on in today’s turbulent and uncertain economy.The home based business offers many benefits with very little risk involved, especially when compared to a traditional brick-and-mortar business model. There are several home based businesses you can get started with right away that will cost anywhere from $0 – $1,000. Network marketing is one of the most popular home based business models because it requires very little financial investment and you don’t have to hire any employees. Typically your biggest investment in this type of business is your time and a commitment to self-development and training. This business is often referred to as a journey of personal development with a lucrative compensation plan attached.Pros to working a home based business:>You can get started right away with very little financial investment and no employees to hire or manage.>You can work full time, part time, anytime, or anywhere with nothing more than a computer and a phone.>You have more freedom than an employee or traditional business owner would have and you answer to no one but yourself.>You can literally grow your business as large as you want and set the ceiling for your earnings potential.>You can leverage the efforts of hundreds or even thousands of other people in your network to grow your income.>You can take advantage of the many tax benefits that a small business or home based business would be eligible for.Although there are many great benefits to working a home based business, keep in mind that this is a business and it still takes a lot of work and commitment to achieve any real success, but it is definitely worth it. A 7-10 year investment can literally replace what would normally be a lifetime investment at a job. If worked hard and smart, it is possible to create a 6 or 7 figure residual income that could last a lifetime, giving you not only financial freedom, but also the freedom of time.Tips For Success:Mindset: Lacking a positive mindset is a sure way to fail in a home based business. It is absolutely paramount to be confident in yourself and in what your doing. Like in anything in life, there are the ups and downs of success and failure that can affect ones attitude or mindset. So, it is important to understand that every truly successful person has gone through more failures than the average person will ever know. These are the pivotal moments in your business that require the strength to push forward with confidence knowing you are that much closer to reaching success.Training and Marketing: Continuous training and self-development are key elements to achieving success in a home based business. You should commit to a minimum of at least 30-60 minutes every day to learning something new that will help you build your business. Marketing is the lifeblood to any successful business, so this is definitely an area that you need to focus on and take very serious.Personal Branding: This is a very important aspect of your business. Personal branding is as equally important to you and your success as company branding is to, lets say Nike. There are obvious advantages of being well branded. People will recognize you as someone who is a serious player in this industry and you will position yourself as a leader. Lets face it, most people would rather follow someone who is a leader and has something of value to offer vs. someone with little or no value to offer.
Yours in Success,