Failure in Home Based Business – Causes

Starting a home based business sounds easy enough right? Just start the business, and you are on your way to making money from home. The sad fact of the matter is that over 95% of these entrepreneurs fail to make money and quit their network marketing or MLM business. That still leaves around 5% of people to succeed, you can be in that group if you are prepared to take action, and stick with it.Here are 3 points you that cause many online marketers to fail in their network marketing or MLM business.You don’t treat our home based opportunity like a home based business.Many people tend to treat their new opportunity as a hobby, and in turn it repays them as a hobby would, not very well. If you want to really succeed in network marketing or MLM you need to treat your opportunity like a business and you will be rewarded by a business, that you run.You don’t continue your business for a long enough time.All businesses take time to create, and grow. The longer you are in business, the more customers, traffic and money you will make. The longer you are in business the more skills you will develop and be able to utilise. Many people are results driven and the lack of results often is enough for them to quit, you need to be driven by your WHY. How devastating would it be if your shut your doors just before you found out you were about to sponsor a great rep or business associate?You spend too much time with people with a negative mindset.If you spend enough time with a person with a positive mindset, you will start to have a positive mindset. Enough time with negative people, you will start to think negative. If you socialise with people who continuously tell you that your home based business will fail, then you will start to believe that it will fail. These people can be anyone even your family and close friends, this doesn’t mean to say to ignore your family and friends, but to ignore all of the comments about your ‘failing’ home business.Stay focused and never let someone steal your dreams!There are other things that contribute to failure in home based business but this is a good list to get you started on knowing what to avoid.

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